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T-Shirt Design Company

Daly City Pride T-Shirt Contest Winning Design

The winning design created by Reina, an 8th grade student at Pollicita Middle School, is full of meaning. She has illustrated the important landmarks of Daly City, including BART and Westlake Mall. The fists symbolize the pride and strength of its residents. The open palms, represent the warmth and friendliness that make up diverse population of Daly City.


Reina has added her signature image, the butterfly, to the design which represents freedom and is a reminder of the 3 endangered species surviving in the surrounding mountains. learn more


*NOTE* All proceeds go directly to the Designed By Youth program @ Pollicita Middle School to help fund new equipment and future activities for the students.


Order your shirt today:


Students were challenged with the question,

how can we raise money to fund our program?

A school wide T-shirt design contest was organized by students to gather designs and more importantly support the students Pollicita Middle School. To unify the designs, students decided designs and followed a consistent theme.


The theme for the contest was:

"Daly City Pride" - What makes you proud to live in Daly City?

40+ designs were submitted

School administrators and DesignedByYouth.org volunteers, narrowed the group to 10 designs.


A ballot with the 10 designs were presented to all students during homeroom and students were asked to vote their one winning design.

"Let's design t-shirts and sell them"

Next challenge, How do we fund the production of the t-shirts?

Harness the power of the web and use Kickstarter to crowd fund.

Students compared different shirts, researched screen printers, cleaned up the artwork for production, and created a budget for the project.


The students determined it would take $750 to produce the shirts. To raise the necessary funds, a Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/WLIsHE) was created to launch their t-shirt social entrepreneurship.


The campaign reached its goal and was funded. DesignedByYouth.org students at Pollicita Middle School will continue to design and sell shirts with the mission of using design to unify the community and convey social messages.

Thank you Kickstarter funders,




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