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S.T.E.A.M. [Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math]


The DesignedByYouth team facilitates its STEAM focused curriculum daily to students of sPACE Afterschool. Students in the program range from grades K-8. Projects are of high interest to keep students engaged in their activities.


A full calendar of activities for the semester are available here.


DesignedByYouth can customize a program specific to the time constraints and needs of your students, school and program.


Please see a few examples below.

Popsicle Bridge Challenge

Build an Erupting Volcano

Design a Website

Popsicle Bridge Challenge


Partner: Western Addition Beacon

Grades: 6-8

Total Students: 40

Total Time: 3 hours

Program: 2 challenges / 1st with popsicle sticks, 2nd with a budget and flexible materials.


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Location: sPACE Afterschool

Grades: K-8

Total Time: 3 hours

Directions: Build the structure of the volcano.

Decorate the volcano.

Mix the ingredients and let it blow.

Design a Website


Partner: John Muir Elementary School

Grade: 5

Total Time: 6 hours

Description: Learned basic HTML.

Created mockups and a sitemap for their website.

Created their website using a WYSIWYG.

Took photos to add to their site.


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STEAM is hands-on curriculum that does more than just teach subject concepts.

Our STEAM project-based lessons encourage:

+Critical Thinking

+"Critical C's" - Collaboration, Cooperation and Communication



+Career Exploration


DesignedByYouth.org staff are trained to foster self confidence and critical thinking skills in students.



Have your child can be exposed to our STEAM curriculum. space.PACEKids.org



Contact us to discuss how to start implementing the STEAM initiative with your students. collaborate@designedbyyouth.org

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