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App Club


Students design web sites, web apps or mobile apps as solutions to social challenges, needs of an O2B partner, and to explore future career paths.


Projects are identified and teams of students are given specific tasks needed to complete the project. Each team of students follow learning modules written to teach students the needed skills to understand and complete their specific task.



Project Examples:

Game Portal

Teacher App

Website Redesign

Game Portal


Average grade: 6th

Est. total time: 24 hours

Description: 6 tools & games / 1 portal


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APPle for My Teacher


Average grade: 6th

Est. total time: 36 hours

Description: Design Thinking a Challenge & Solution, Mockups on Paper, Graphic Design and Prototyping of the App.


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Website Redesign


Average grade: 6th

Est. total time: 12 hours

Description: Communicated with the Business owner to understand the objective and goal of the website before redesign, WYSIWYG with custom CSS & Javascript.


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Life skills taught include:

Design Thinking

Brainstorming Sessions

Creativity Development





Criticism and Critique


Time Management

Task Management


Sharing Responsibilities

Technology skills taught include:

Coding [HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby on Rails]

Graphic Design

UI Design


Cloud Collaboration

Video Conferencing

Web Design

App Design


Project Completion

Support from DesignedByYouth is provided to staff and students to ensure clear communication, professionalism and timely completion of projects.


The projects and curriculum are tailored to the grade level, skill level, and total alloted time.


Starting a Club is easy, fun and rewarding.

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