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Organization 2 Business [O2B] - portfolio

DesignedByYouth provides "no-cost" design solutions for a business's needs. Our staff coordinates and corresponds with the business while including students in the process for real-world experience.  Staff ensures all aspects of the partnership are completed  in a professional and timely manner.

DesignedByYouth students prefer working on "real-world" projects. Our students appreciate learning about business, practicing work-life skills, and applying their new-found technology skills.

Website Design

Oceanslaw.com Case Study

Client's Need: Increase the firm's online presence.

Solution: Redesigned the firm's website. Optimized SEO. Listed the firm on social media.

Redesigned Homepage

Original Homepage

Redesigned Footer

Original Footer

PACETestPrep.com Case Study

Client's Need: Website Design

Solution: Assess client's target demographic, services offered, market differentiator, and goal of the website.

App Development

School Connect App Case Study

Client's Need: Increase parent involvement and awareness of school news and activities.

Solution: School Connect is a mobile application intended to bring content created by students and school administrators to parents via their mobile devices. The mission is to increase parent participation with the school and create talking points for parents to reconnect with their children.

DBY can use your support to develop an iOS version of School Connect.

Marketing and Branding

BikeWithMike.org Case Study

Client's Need: Increase bike awareness and bike friendly streets in the community.

Solution: Developed a brand, BikeWithMike.org, for the city council member promoting biking in the community. Designed a logo, website, promotion on social media, partnerships with local organizations, community bike-alongs, and events to spread awareness.

Press Coverage

Postcard Campaign

Community Bike-Along

Website Design


Community Event

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